Luminous, Glamorous, Elegant, Regal. All of these words are perfect adjectives for gilding. Thin layers of precious metal are applied to surfaces, and the results are stunning! The pure beauty of a silver leaf panel, for example, needs no other ornamentation.

A recent commission involving the application of aluminum leaf proved this point exactly. Although our aluminum) leaf (a non-tarnishing alternative leaf for silver) panels were meant to be a backdrop for hand painted Chinoiserie designs, the panels were kept unadorned. When our client saw the finished work, the next phase of the project was cancelled because she wanted the pure beauty and luminosity of the silvered walls to shine.

The look of gilding is unparalleled. When the design calls for the highest level of polish, precious metal leaf is the ultimate decorative finish.

Gilding Services Include:

  • Architectural Details
  • Patina Glazes
  • Interior and Exterior Applications
  • Domes
  • Tray Ceilings
  • Walls, Panels
  • Furniture and Sculpture

Like Faux Finishes, Metallic Leaf or Gilding has been practiced by decorative artists for over 1,000 years. And during that time, the technique and precious quality of this work has not changed. Respecting the craft and the material is important to creating beautiful gilded finishes. Along with the traditional methods of application, Arteriors has developed several variations in order to produce more artistic finishes.

Carat gold leaf ranging from 12 to 24 will create various intensities of gold, with the highest carat content leaning towards a cadmium yellow tone. White gold, silver, aluminum, palladium, copper and other metals are just a few of the many choices available. Applications can be customized for a softer luminosity, or distressed, for an Industrial Chic look.

Gilding Projects:

Shreve Crump & Low, Boston, MA

Residences in Sudbury, Paxton, Boston, Weston, MA and Palm Beach, FL


Our metallic paint finishes are loved for their adaptability to many design styles.

Oxidized copper is perfect for Arts and Crafts interiors.

Platinum finishes are sexy and modern.

Burnished bronze works wonders in an eclectic interior.

The artistry of Arteriors is in the invention of various looks from the combination of metallic paint layers, pigments and faux finishing techniques. We go far beyond the prescribed methods of applications. Decorative paint finishes with metallic paints yield uniquely beautiful results.

No longer made from copper or aluminum and oil base paints, metallic paints that are available now utilize ground mica for superior luminosity. And they never tarnish. They are also incredibly durable and withstand years of exterior wear and tear!

Metallic Paint Finishes include:

  • Oxidized Copper
  • Patina Washed Bronze
  • Burnished Bronze
  • Corroded Steel
  • Raw Silk Finish
  • Damask
  • Animal Print
  • Contrasting Sheen Wide Stripe
  • Pearl Rag Roll
  • Dry Brush on Architectural Details

Decidedly traditional, Chinoiserie Mural Painting is often done over a silver or gold background. Our most recent project in this genre involved creating a background of both silver and gold which was over-laid with a pattern of carefully hand painted floral medallions.

Metallic Paint Images from our Gallery

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