Arteriors is an AIA provider and is now offering a course in The Toxicity of Paint and the Benefits of Natural Plaster Finishes for one of the required Heath Safety and Welfare Learning Units (HSW – 1 LU Hour).

AIA course on plasterAt the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Have a deeper understanding of the history and evolution of the toxicity of paint, including knowledge of VOC’s, and when they can be avoided completely or when they can be reduced, in order to specify better paint options for performance and sustainable design.
  2. Understand the myths of the superiority of oil paint, and how to choose other advanced water based paint options, and therefore have the ability to achieve both optimal paint performance and indoor environmental quality.
  3. Acknowledge and understand the dangers of lead paint, where to look for it, and when to call for abatement, in order to preserve occupant’s health and safety.
  4. Understand the air quality, health and welfare benefits of naturally sourced marble, lime and clay plaster finishes as superior alternatives to paint, the differences of natural plasters compared to synthetic plasters, and which plaster finishes can generate points for LEED certified projects.

Organization Description

Arteriors is a 25+ year company that provides designer paint finishes, architectural plaster finishes and mural arts for residential and commercial clients.  Retail and hospitality design is our specialty.

Arteriors is a leader in their field, as only environmentally friendly materials, paint and plaster are used.  A certified American Clay applicator, Arteriors has many years of experience with architectural stone veneers that add LEED points to building projects, including traditional marble and lime Venetian Plaster.

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