Art Deco is full of style with its repeating curves and unabashed self-confidence. We love this decorative style and era, and planned this ceiling with a respect for this design epoch.

Designer Terry Gregory has repeated a curved and waved motif in several areas of this gracious condo in Back Bay, Boston. Arteriors extended the theme in creating the deepening waves of blue and Italian Art Deco inspired border. Each sequential wave increases in saturation until the eye reaches the deep center of the vaulted ceiling.

blog2blogThe 12kt white gold leaf border was inspired by an Italian balcony railing from the 1930’s. We drew, scanned and sent a digital copy of the design to Modello to produce adhesive stencils.  This allowed us to create the intricate gilded border in half the time than if we had painted the sizing by hand.

Eventually there will be a gorgeous pendant chandelier hanging from the intense cobalt blue center, adding the final touch to this beautiful and bold Art Deco look.

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