Group One Partners, Inc. of Boston called on Arteriors to create an artisan weathered paint finish on a wall of shutters. The accent wall is part of the urban chic hospitality design at the newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn, Providence, RI.

The grouping is a fun focal point in a room that is saturated with natural light. One part rustic grittiness with a couple parts Mondrian grid, the shutters are actually made of new wood and have several layers of carefully mixed glazes to replicate a well-seasoned, exterior surface. This design cocktail is refreshing and adds integrity to a well-orchestrated interior.




Original art work keeps it real in a world of mass-manufactured building materials. Good design will create spaces that include pockets of hand-made artwork. The Hilton Garden Inn lounge is visually a few degrees warmer with a display wall featuring an Arteriors hand-rendered paint finish.

Anywhere you go in Providence is never far from water, and the Hilton Garden Inn on India Street is no different. Many of the materials used in the interior echoes the Atlantic coast living experience. Like the hulls of boats, the shutters appear to be salt sprayed and the colors are faded. When paired with the slick surfaces of stainless steel and stark white walls the contrast to the storm-beaten paint finish is beautiful.

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