If you’re a health practitioner of any kind, you probably know how your environment helps your clients heal. The visual “healing appeal” of your office, clinic, massage room or treatment space effects how people feel. Perfect use of color and design offers a sense of well-being. Dreary spaces make clients feel dreary, and no one wants that!

This is because color has a tremendous impact on psychology and mood!

  • Yellow: uplifting, happy, energetic.
  • Orange: friendly, cheerful, playful.
  • Red: invigorating, appetizing, confident.
  • Violet: spiritual, religious, deep.
  • Blue: peaceful, restful, introspective.
  • Green: healing, welcoming, natural.
  • Brown: grounding, calming, strong.

But if you want your space to have “healing appeal,” you can’t just buy a can of paint and roll a color onto your walls. A wide range of design elements need to be taken into account to keep your space in harmony.

This massage room provides a retreat into a warm, natural and organic space. The thatch of the painted grass cloth lends a hand-hewn vibe. The gnarly tree mural with its curling branches represents the loving, safe and healing aspects of our world. All the colors come from a nurturing green, gold and brown palette. The sheens are matte finish so that everything feels soft and multi-dimensional. This space sends a clear message that it’s intended for deep relaxation and meditation.


This green bamboo mural also sends a message of health and healing. It’s the perfect choice for this chiropractor’s interior. Similar designs would work well for an acupuncturist’s office or any other type of alternative medicine office.

A natural product that we’re in love with right now is an amazing decorative plaster called American Clay Earth Plasters.   It’s an ideal finish for healers because it’s healthy, non-toxic, and improves air quality!

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