Charmed Kitchen With a Softer View

CHARMED KITCHEN WITH A SOFTER VIEW: Sepia Tone Landscape Mural and Gloriously Weathered Cabinet Painting How do you make a new addition and kitchen seamlessly match the charm and age of a 125 year old home? Transform the new kitchen cabinets with an age-worn patina finish. Add to that an impressionistic and mono-chromatic landscape mural, [...]

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What Inspires Us- October 2018

WHAT INSPIRES US "Curandera," painting by Stephanie Maria. Acrylic on board. As an art student I considered Halloween to be one of the High Holidays.  The opportunity to create an outrageous costume, become that character, and then party amongst all the other drama-queens was irresistible. My own creations included a bone-collecting witch, Carmen [...]

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Unique Marmorino Plaster Finish for Masculine Appeal in Hotel Common Areas

The most thrilling kind of inquiry is out of the blue. It is from a hospitality designer or architect that we’ve never worked with before. He or She has contacted us via an internet search for custom architectural finishes, such as Stucco Veneziano. When it happens we feel that we’ve done our job right. And [...]

How to create a visual feast with artisanal wall finishes!

HOW TO CREATE A VISUAL FEAST WITH ARTISANAL WALL FINISHES: RESTAURANT INTERIOR DESIGN IN CONCORD, MASSACHUSETTS Arteriors has a repertoire of signature interior design wall finishes and many of them are showcased at Fiorella’s new restaurant in historic Concord, Massachusetts. Old world color washes blend with damask all-over stenciling and the window and doors have [...]

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Branding Locations With a Repeated Finish The same three artisanal paint finishes are repeated in the design of four locations of Fiorella’s Italian Restaurant; Oxidized Copper, Antique Bronze and Terracotta Glaze. Each location is a distinctly different space in a dissimilar building.  Instead of forcing a homogenized design on all of the interiors, an individual [...]

2019-03-14T17:35:12-04:00May 4th, 2017|Faux Finishes, Metallic Paint, Restaurant Design|

Color of the year is a color for life!

COLOR OF THE YEAR IS A COLOR FOR LIFE Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, is a color for life.  Soulful and earthy, lush, and vibrant, this shade of all things growing reminds me of childhood days playing in the woods.  The homeowners of this gorgeous brownstone requested finishes in deep Hunter Green, so [...]

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Hire An Artist to Paint Your Story

  A panoramic mural painting creates an inner world of natural beauty on guest bathroom walls! Arteriors was commissioned to paint a custom designed landscape mural evocative of 18th century panoramic, hand-painted wallpapers.  Historically, these were filled with classic mythological scenes depicting Greek Gods and Goddesses.  At the designer’s request, we replaced those images with [...]

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