Blue and White Designer Finishes: at the MFA Boston and in beautiful interiors around the globe!

Painting Ideas Soft Color Wash

Soft Color Wash

Searching for new painting ideas? Blue and white is classic, beautiful and has become a color palette Zeitgeist. No one knows where the fad began, but its popular appeal  is evident in objects from the ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures.

The New Blue and White show at the MFA Boston has gathered together the artwork of contemporary artists that are creating new blue and white objects. Their work is thought provoking and extremely varied.  There is not one object displayed in the galleries that is not visually appealing.

blue and white shoes by Rodarte at MFA Boston

These shoes are by Rodarte

Blue and white is like milk and Oreos: A luscious marriage of complimenting tastes!

Like so many before us, Arteriors taken the blue and white ball and ran with it. Our suggestions for painting ideas incorporating this classic combination includes raw silk finish, strie , basketweave and soft color wash.

Linen paint finish

Linen paint finish

Here’s my theory of why this color combination is so appealing. Blue and white is a reflection of the two life-giving elements we live by: air (sky) and water.

It’s hard wired into our DNA, this love of blue and white. Much like petting a dog or cat, gazing at this classic color combo probably lowers our heart rate and raises serotonin levels.  (Read more here about decorative plasters that create mood elevating negative ions).

Check out the show at the MFA Boston and check out our work at Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for painting ideas to increase your serotonin with a designer  finish!

strie paint finish

Strie paint finish