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What Inspires Us- October 2018

WHAT INSPIRES US "Curandera," painting by Stephanie Maria. Acrylic on board. As an art student I considered Halloween to be one of the High Holidays.  The opportunity to create an outrageous costume, become that character, and then party amongst all the other drama-queens was irresistible. My own creations included a bone-collecting witch, Carmen [...]

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Landscape Murals inspired by Hudson River School Paintings

Hudson River School style mural by Arteriors Hudson River School landscape murals are the stuff of inspirational posters with cliché sayings like, “Every great journey begins with the first step”.  Putting Thomas Kincaid paintings to shame, they are masterful landscapes that are incredibly detailed.  Although infused with a high level of drama, [...]

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Tiles Inspire Me

The Artist View by Stephanie Mesner What is it about tile that is so appealing? The tactile pleasure of its cool surface or the slight variations in color that renders each one unique? Or is it the zen quality of pattern, both with the actual grid of the tile and in the imagery on the [...]

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Design Ideas from Architectural Digest

The Best Part of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, 2013 The most inspiring of the design ideas from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, 2013 was the DIFFA’s Dining by Design vignettes by various designers and schools. DIFFA is in its 16th year and has once again harnessed the great talents in the interior [...]

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Seeing Manhattan

The Artist View by Stephanie Mesner Completed in 1931, taking just over fourteen months to build, the Empire State Building is one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.  In the heart of the Great Depression, this Art Deco Wonder erupted from the rock called Manhattan. When you think of people lining up for [...]

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Contemporary Design: How Life Influences Art and Fashion

ARTnews magazine’s February 2012 issue has the contemporary design theme of Where Fashion Meets Art.  Having recently described the difference between decorative art and “provocative” art, the intersection of art and fashion struck me as another worthy subject. In art—unless we’re creating in a remote location, with no contact with the outside world—it’s inevitable that [...]

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Using Nomadic, Tribal and Rococo Styles

Artisanry from Thailand, Africa, Mexico and Iran combine beautifully with the hand-crafted green designer finish on the walls These styles are worldly wise—with exotic and bold colors, careful attention to textures, and fine craftspersonship! Nomadic, Tribal and Rococo looks are eclectic—but can’t just be jumbled together. Displaying our treasures properly celebrates the paths [...]

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Neo-Egyptian Style Creates a Spectaular Coffered Ceiling!

Neo-Egyptian Style has ancient origins, yet the quirky designs keep coming back to life…not unlike Imhotep, the priest played by Boris Karloff in 1932’s The Mummy! The most recent Neo-Egyptian revival influenced fashion, architecture, decorative painting, and other disciplines during the Roaring Twenties. Hollywood had already embraced the stylized bas relief and unsentimental architecture of [...]

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