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Blue Marble Finish, One of Four Great Creative Ventures With Free Downloadable Tutorials!

July is made for creative ventures, especially when they involve metallic paints, deep aqua blues and a dot pattern. Don’t let the summer go by without dipping your brushes into this juicy project. Take advantage of a rare opportunity and download this and other surface design tutorials at Golden Paintworks Limited Edition Summer Collection 2020. [...]

2020-07-17T17:23:45-04:00July 17th, 2020|Decorative Painting|

Summer Greens for Interiors: One Thousand Flowers, One Great Wall Finish and Two Murals

Summer Greens for Interiors: One Thousand Flowers, One Great Wall Finish and Two Murals In the midst of a pandemic find joy in the greens of summer. Our botanical above is an homage to Mille Fleur (Thousand Flowers) tapestry techniques invented in the 15th Century. Renaissance tapestry weavers carefully designed multiple botanically detailed plants and [...]

2020-07-17T08:31:24-04:00July 16th, 2020|Decorative Painting|

Make a Beautiful Splash With our Blue Wave Finish

If the sound of waves breaking on the shore, and the sight of iridescent blues swirling together are your thing then we have a surface design for you. Using exceptional paint products from Golden Paintworks, we have created Blue Wave. You will no doubt recognize the name of Golden Paints if you are in the [...]

2020-07-14T14:54:23-04:00July 14th, 2020|Decorative Painting|

Hire An Artist to Paint Your Story

  A panoramic mural painting creates an inner world of natural beauty on guest bathroom walls! Arteriors was commissioned to paint a custom designed landscape mural evocative of 18th century panoramic, hand-painted wallpapers.  Historically, these were filled with classic mythological scenes depicting Greek Gods and Goddesses.  At the designer’s request, we replaced those images with [...]

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Artisan Finished Shutters Create Display Wall at Hilton Garden Inn: Hospitality Design at its’ Best!

  Group One Partners, Inc. of Boston called on Arteriors to create an artisan weathered paint finish on a wall of shutters. The accent wall is part of the urban chic hospitality design at the newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn, Providence, RI. The grouping is a fun focal point in a room that is saturated [...]

Harvard Ballroom, Brownstone Lobby and Reading Salon are burnished with love: Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Burnished with love, Marmorino Venetian plaster has a special place in the hearts of architects and interior designers. It is being coupled with good design in lobbies, ballrooms, and reading salons, and affectionately applied in velvety shades of Dove Gray. Like polished stone, the feel is both soft and cool to the touch. It’s a [...]

Brilliant Gold Leaf Dome Restoration on Historic University Building

The Dome on University of Vermont’s Mabel Louise Southwick Memorial Building has been restored to its original brilliance with our 23 karat gold leaf application. Our work takes us to some interesting places but this project was the pinnacle (no pun intended) of work locations. We felt like supermen/women, working on staging accessed only by [...]

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