Faux Finishes

Using Nomadic, Tribal and Rococo Styles

Artisanry from Thailand, Africa, Mexico and Iran combine beautifully with the hand-crafted green designer finish on the walls These styles are worldly wise—with exotic and bold colors, careful attention to textures, and fine craftspersonship! Nomadic, Tribal and Rococo looks are eclectic—but can’t just be jumbled together. Displaying our treasures properly celebrates the paths [...]

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Zen and the Art of Holiday Sanity: Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

When we’re invited to holiday parties, our first thought is usually, “What will I wear?” Special occasions call for tailored fashions that help us feel our best. Old, tired, and ill-fitting clothing can’t help but leave us feeling stressed and schlumpy. Home and business décor are no different. Entertaining is more refined when your home [...]

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Faux Finish Makes What’s New “Old World”

Shoptalk with Amiel Mesner Old World is our own term for a faux finish that is also known as "fresco", "distressed plaster", "Tuscan", and other names. The paint finish is meant to look like that of an old exterior wall in Europe, a kind usually found near the Mediterranean Sea. You see these beautiful walls [...]

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How Faux Marbleizing and Sponge Painting Got a Bad Rap

When Arteriors began, 25 years ago, faux marbleizing, using layers of paint to realistically imitate the look of marble, was the hottest thing in decorative paint finishes. In time, marbleizing went out of style and until recently, we have had very few requests for it. Lately, however, faux marble is making a comeback. Sponge painting [...]

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opentime™ is a paint additive that extends drying time and thins water-based paint for successful faux finishing, brushing, rolling and HVLP spraying. It was developed by Arteriors, and painters everywhere agree that it is invaluable in their day-to-day operations. opentime™ is compatible with any water-based paint and never changes the properties of the host material [...]

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