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Unique Marmorino Plaster Finish for Masculine Appeal in Hotel Common Areas

The most thrilling kind of inquiry is out of the blue. It is from a hospitality designer or architect that we’ve never worked with before. He or She has contacted us via an internet search for custom architectural finishes, such as Stucco Veneziano. When it happens we feel that we’ve done our job right. And [...]

Artisan Finished Shutters Create Display Wall at Hilton Garden Inn: Hospitality Design at its’ Best!

  Group One Partners, Inc. of Boston called on Arteriors to create an artisan weathered paint finish on a wall of shutters. The accent wall is part of the urban chic hospitality design at the newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn, Providence, RI. The grouping is a fun focal point in a room that is saturated [...]

Harvard Ballroom, Brownstone Lobby and Reading Salon are burnished with love: Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Burnished with love, Marmorino Venetian plaster has a special place in the hearts of architects and interior designers. It is being coupled with good design in lobbies, ballrooms, and reading salons, and affectionately applied in velvety shades of Dove Gray. Like polished stone, the feel is both soft and cool to the touch. It’s a [...]

Our Cement Wall Finishes: Hospitality Designers’ Best Resource!

Our various Cement Wall Finishes have become best buddies with Hospitality Architects and Designers. Made from natural materials and troweled on, these Architectural Finishes are the perfect backdrop for Rustic Contemporary or Urban Chic interiors. Artistic applications of Marmorino Plaster are elemental and organic. They are natural materials derived from ground limestone and sometimes from [...]

Hospitality Design Sweet Spot: Italian Theme Hotel with Fresco Inspired Murals

What’s the best way to capture the imagination of the guests of an Italian Theme Hotel?Create a Roman Spa complete with Faux Fresco Murals by Arteriors. In this hospitality venue bathers at Bellisimo Grande Hotel in North Stonington, Connecticut, practice the long standing tradition of swimming and relaxing alongside Roman Gods and Goddesses. Arteriors’ hand-painted [...]

Best Designs for Common Areas have Global Appeal with Map Murals

Create Global Branding for hospitality venues by way of hand painted murals of world maps! The best design for Common areas such as lobbies, Entry-ways, hallways and multi-purpose rooms such as this study hall, have a focus with a global accent, such as our two-color mural painting. A highly graphic global chart in Charcoal Gray [...]

Murals: Now High Tech and Easily Reproduced

TattoowallTM is a new technology that is a marriage between high tech and pure artistry.  Murals can be produced faster and more cost-effectively from a digital image, and have the texture of a painted surface. Arteriors’ artists have been hand-painting murals for many years.  Eager to learn a new method, we took the Tattoowall course [...]

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Green Hotels – Consider Plaster and Clay Wall Finishes

Green hotels are benefiting from natural plaster and clay wall finishes that generate LEED points. Approximately 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. are currently considered part of the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market segment.  This translates to a large sector of travelers who want to stay in green hotels.  Consumers making decisions [...]

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Hotel Art & Restaurant Art: Branding for the Hospitality Industry

Underscore your brand with custom designed hotel art and restaurant art. Hospitality Designers look at the whole picture and consider the brand message when choosing fabric, flooring, etc. That marketing image shouldn’t stop when it comes to purchasing the artwork. Unique artwork will in fact will go a long way, and send a very memorable [...]

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