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Hire An Artist to Paint Your Story

  A panoramic mural painting creates an inner world of natural beauty on guest bathroom walls! Arteriors was commissioned to paint a custom designed landscape mural evocative of 18th century panoramic, hand-painted wallpapers.  Historically, these were filled with classic mythological scenes depicting Greek Gods and Goddesses.  At the designer’s request, we replaced those images with [...]

2019-03-14T17:35:12-04:00February 13th, 2017|Decorative Painting, Mural Arts, Murals|

Mural Painting of a Striped Circus Tent Pops Victorian Era Restaurant Design

At Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale, look up while sitting in the round banquette and you will see our trompe l’oeil mural painting of a striped circus tent ceiling, syncing beautifully with the jazzed Victorian-Era design. The illusion of the billowing, 3-D circus tent above underlines the Gastro-pub theme. Arteriors designed the vibrant mural to [...]

2019-03-14T17:35:12-04:00July 5th, 2016|Decorative Painting, Mural Arts, Murals, Restaurant Design|

Hospitality Design Sweet Spot: Italian Theme Hotel with Fresco Inspired Murals

What’s the best way to capture the imagination of the guests of an Italian Theme Hotel?Create a Roman Spa complete with Faux Fresco Murals by Arteriors. In this hospitality venue bathers at Bellisimo Grande Hotel in North Stonington, Connecticut, practice the long standing tradition of swimming and relaxing alongside Roman Gods and Goddesses. Arteriors’ hand-painted [...]

Best Designs for Common Areas have Global Appeal with Map Murals

Create Global Branding for hospitality venues by way of hand painted murals of world maps! The best design for Common areas such as lobbies, Entry-ways, hallways and multi-purpose rooms such as this study hall, have a focus with a global accent, such as our two-color mural painting. A highly graphic global chart in Charcoal Gray [...]

Chinoiserie – Elegant Bespoke Painting for Traditional Rooms

Chinoiserie means “Chinese style” which leaves a broad array of imagery from which to choose. Our Chinoiserie mural painting draws inspiration from the traditional hand painted wall coverings popular in the 18th and 19th century homes of England, as well as here in the States. Decorative landscapes of flowering trees with birds and butterflies on [...]

2019-03-14T17:35:13-04:00January 6th, 2015|Decorative Painting, Metallic Paint, Mural Arts|

Mural Inspired by LEGO Adds Art Branding for Boston Exhibit

In the quintessentially Boston setting of Quincy Market is a very nontraditional and eye catching custom mural painting for the entrance to the exhibit called The Art of the Brick. Riffing off the use of LEGOs as the artist’s sculpture material, Arteriors created a very cool geometric design that uses the same proportions and colors [...]

2019-03-14T17:35:13-04:00October 27th, 2014|Current News, Mural Arts, Retail Design|

Chinoiserie Mural Painting: A Classic American Design Style

For centuries, the Americas have been in love with everything Asian.  We defy you to find an American who hasn’t eaten at least one meal on a Willow China Pattern plate! Chinoiserie, meaning Chinese style, is an ever present interior design style - in the form of ceramics that George Washington ate off,  toile textiles [...]

2019-03-14T17:35:14-04:00November 18th, 2013|Mural Arts|

Landscape Murals inspired by Hudson River School Paintings

Hudson River School style mural by Arteriors Hudson River School landscape murals are the stuff of inspirational posters with cliché sayings like, “Every great journey begins with the first step”.  Putting Thomas Kincaid paintings to shame, they are masterful landscapes that are incredibly detailed.  Although infused with a high level of drama, they [...]

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