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Landscape Murals inspired by Hudson River School Paintings

Hudson River School style mural by Arteriors Hudson River School landscape murals are the stuff of inspirational posters with cliché sayings like, “Every great journey begins with the first step”.  Putting Thomas Kincaid paintings to shame, they are masterful landscapes that are incredibly detailed.  Although infused with a high level of drama, [...]

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Murals: Whimsical Wall Painting

Whimsical decorative murals are like a smile on a kid’s face; you can’t help but smile back!  The trick to creating whimsical murals is to paint everything with a light touch.  Don't try to over work the imagery or create perfection. Background colors have a brushy look and lines are hand-drawn. The slightly wobbly edges [...]

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Sports Murals

Sports murals tell our history, such as this one of Bobby Orr’s immortal leap in the final game of the Stanley Cup back in the day.  Bruins fans will never forget that moment when Orr's goal won the 1970 Stanley Cup in sudden death overtime.  We can't wait to see how the 2013 race will [...]

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Nursery Murals and New Beginnings

The birth of a child is one of the most significant events in any parent’s life. Everything that has gone before feels like preparation for the momentous day. Suddenly, your life has a bundle of joy and a new sense of purpose. What parent wouldn’t want their child’s nursery to be the healthiest, safest, and [...]

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Children’s Murals: Create a Magical Bedroom

Do you remember what adorned your bedroom walls when you were young? Of course you do! When we’re young, our bedrooms inspire us to become who we’re going to be! Murals in a child’s room work magic because our childhood décor becomes ingrained in memories that last a lifetime. Those environments are where we learn [...]

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Artisanal Design and “Healing Appeal”

If you’re a health practitioner of any kind, you probably know how your environment helps your clients heal. The visual “healing appeal” of your office, clinic, massage room or treatment space effects how people feel. Perfect use of color and design offers a sense of well-being. Dreary spaces make clients feel dreary, and no one [...]

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