Paint Color Ideas

Artisan Finished Shutters Create Display Wall at Hilton Garden Inn: Hospitality Design at its’ Best!

  Group One Partners, Inc. of Boston called on Arteriors to create an artisan weathered paint finish on a wall of shutters. The accent wall is part of the urban chic hospitality design at the newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn, Providence, RI. The grouping is a fun focal point in a room that is saturated [...]

Church Restoration with Faux Marble and Decorative Paint Finishes

Arteriors was honored to contribute to the church restoration of two parishes in Massachusetts together with APC Services of New England.  Choosing warm neutral color palettes is the key to the uplifting atmosphere one feels after these total renovations. Warm beiges and pale blues accent the gorgeous architecture of Saint Mary Star of the Sea [...]

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Paint Color Ideas: Deep Purple with Mint Green?

Paint color ideas aren’t easy to come up with.  Every color is influenced by its surrounding colors.  But who would want a monochrome world?  As a self-admitted color junkie, I sure wouldn’t want a world without glorious and vibrant colors! Paired with white woodwork and an espresso vanity, these Super Shiny Red walls look spectacular!  [...]

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Artisanal Design and “Healing Appeal”

If you’re a health practitioner of any kind, you probably know how your environment helps your clients heal. The visual “healing appeal” of your office, clinic, massage room or treatment space effects how people feel. Perfect use of color and design offers a sense of well-being. Dreary spaces make clients feel dreary, and no one [...]

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Color Forecast: Cool Blue

Color Talk with Stephanie Mesner Sherwin-Williams describes the color blue as elemental, cosmic, oceanic, mysterious and celestial. Blue appeals to our eco-consciousness because it’s the predominant color of our planet. Look how stunning our faithful blue marble looks from space! Inspired by such a cosmic perspective, our aqua pearl glaze atop a blue artisanal finish [...]

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Color Forecast: Exuberant Red

Color Talk with Stephanie Mesner Sometimes “seeing red” doesn’t mean you’re angry. Sometimes seeing red means you’re in a gorgeously designed space! Especially in accents and furniture, reds rule. In our own home, we have red wicker, red Persian carpets, and an antique Kashmir paisley over our hallway’s railing.  Because of the color’s unique exuberance, [...]

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Mixing Colors Using Pigments: A Lost Art

Shop Talk with Amiel Mesner One of our secrets to design success is the ability to mix colors using pigments. Years ago, all painters mixed their own custom colors. Now, paint stores have machines to automate the process. Mixing pigments by hand is becoming a lost art. At Arteriors, our box of pigments is still [...]

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Gray Tints: A World of Possibilities

Color Talk with Stephanie Mesner Although the color gray is as neutral as can be, gray is also one of the hottest and most up-to-the-minute colors. If you look at the latest styles walking the runway, you get a sense of how popular gray (the “Mother of All Neutrals”) really is. Since Interior Design is [...]

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Just Say No to White Ceilings

Why was it decided decades ago that all ceilings are to be painted white?  The common thinking was that white ceilings visually raise the height of the ceiling and expand the feeling of space in a room. The message ended up being, “We’re not here, don’t look at us!” During the 20th century, flat, painted [...]

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