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Baby Nursery Walls: The First Choice is American Clay

An excellent choice in a wall surface material for your new baby nursery is American Clay. American Clay is naturally beautiful and completely organic. When comparing the benefits of American Clay to standard water-base house paint, you would gladly choose the former product. Before I give you the hard facts, let me first say that [...]

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Plaster finishes: Real vs. fake

What are labeled as Venetian Plasters are sometimes not real plaster finishes at all.  If you are an architect, builder, or general contractor be aware that there are two different versions.  There are the real plaster finishes made of lime, marble dust and aggregate, and then there is the purely fake material made from acrylic [...]

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American Clay and Decorative Plasters for Finished Basements

Unlike a painted wall that is sealed with an acrylic and vinyl film, walls finished with American Clay and other natural decorative plasters, are porous and penetrable by moisture.  The moisture is absorbed and then expelled gradually, causing an even humidity.  Bacteria love slick wet surfaces to grow on and without that environment you will [...]

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Signature Design for Office Buildings, Hotels and Restaurants

Signature design starts with a star attraction.  Some surfaces should be the supporting cast!  The designs of the walls, floors and ceilings all play parts—but at least one surface should sing the melody.  That’s why artisan finishes are the “razzle dazzle” of commercial, retail and hospitality design. When the clients and associates of Dassault Systèmes enter [...]

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American Clay: Naturally Beautiful Walls

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and our heart belongs to… American Clay!  How do we love thee, American Clay? Let us count the ways… First, it’s 100% all-natural, pure ingredients: clay, marble sand and other natural minerals used as pigment.  Expecting mothers craving weird foods might be better off eating American Clay instead [...]

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The Environmental Benefits of Traditional Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is more than gorgeous, durable, and an outstanding value…traditional Venetian plaster made from lime and marble dust is also 100% all natural.  People trying to stay healthy (including people with autoimmune concerns or allergies) love all natural plaster for its environmental benefits: absorbs carbon dioxide regulates humidity cleans easily prevents mold and mildew. [...]

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The Timeless Beauty of Venetian Plaster

Timeless beauty never fades and always looks contemporary and up-to-date, yet timeless beauty also remains vintage and classic. Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Princess Diana are timeless paragons of beauty because their high-wattage star power lit up everyone, and everything, in their presence. That level of timelessness is what Arteriors provides with Venetian plaster…we want [...]

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