Chinoiserie detailChinoiserie means “Chinese style” which leaves a broad array of imagery from which to choose. Our Chinoiserie mural painting draws inspiration from the traditional hand painted wall coverings popular in the 18th and 19th century homes of England, as well as here in the States. Decorative landscapes of flowering trees with birds and butterflies on small hillocks depicting idyllic scenes of a Chinese countryside are the usual subject matter.

Our latest Chinoiserie decorative painting project was not a landscape, but it still fits in the definition of this genre. Ten floral design motifs were stenciled and hand-painted in a pattern onto a silver and gold background for a home in Weston, MA. Peonies, swallows, yellow birds, and cherry blossoms are all richly detailed and fully colored.

Although we employed as many time-cutting techniques as possible, the process was a real lesson in patience!

We mixed a palette of approximately 20 colors and approached the painting of each flower or insect production style. The motifs were painted 4 to 5 at a time, adding each color layer to all of them before moving onto the next layer. The peonies were quite complex but after breaking down the three colors:  light pink for the background, medium pink for medium shadows and fuchsia for the deep shadows, they finally took shape after the 3 layers.

Chinoiserie Mural Painting

There is no replacement for finely tuned artistry. The slight imperfections and differences in the repeated floral motifs are what give this wall treatment its charm and beauty.

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Chinoiserie Hand Painted