Chinoiserie MuralFor centuries, the Americas have been in love with everything Asian.  We defy you to find an American who hasn’t eaten at least one meal on a Willow China Pattern plate!

Chinoiserie, meaning Chinese style, is an ever present interior design style – in the form of ceramics that George Washington ate off,  toile textiles with narrative patterns, and hand painted decorative murals depicting Asian flowering trees and exotic birds. When designing and creating Chinoiserie decorative murals, Arteriors relies heavily on references from all of the above examples.

Murals are stylistic and are created to delight the eye, not to produce realism such as a Hudson River School style murals.  For more formal and glamorous  rooms, metallic backgrounds work well.  This can be a precious metal leaf or a more cost effective painted metallic finish.  Then the imagery of trees, flowers, butterflies and birds are hand painted in a flat sheen paint, which contrasts and plays with the luminous background.  For a more casual look, the mural is painted on a flat sheen background.

This mural is a more original interpretation of Chinoiserie and uses the concept of Chinese screen painting of a landscape.  It becomes less of a background and more of a panoramic scene.

Asian style mural

Hand painting chinoiserie murals work in Transitional and Traditional interiors.  And, with an imaginative translation of the style, they can also work in Contemporary design.

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