Color Talk with Stephanie Mesner

Sherwin-Williams describes the color blue as elemental, cosmic, oceanic, mysterious and celestial. Blue appeals to our eco-consciousness because it’s the predominant color of our planet. Look how stunning our faithful blue marble looks from space!

Inspired by such a cosmic perspective, our aqua pearl glaze atop a blue artisanal finish makes for a relaxed sleeping experience or a cozy respite from a dog-eat-dog day…

Perhaps the association with natural dyes helps blue walls look so cool. Indigo and woad, both traditional plant-based dyes, conjure such rich shades that our eyes can’t help but drink in the beauty.

At Boston’s Design Days 2011, the celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard (of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators program) showed Arteriors his exotic Schumacher Fabrics collection.

Bullard’s textiles were inspired by techniques passed down through generations: intricately tiled Middle Eastern walls, Persian rugs, Indonesian hand-woven fabrics, and Pakistani Tree of Life embroidery. These blue velvet, herringbone, and paisley fabrics show how deliciously Bullard used blue:

Design Days 2011 reminded us that the combination of one-of-a-kind design and high-quality artisanal materials can be spellbinding!

To show another scrumptious use of blue for walls, here’s an Arteriors mural inspired by frescoes in Pompeii, Italy. We painted this pool room mural at the Bellisimo Grande Hotel in Stonington, CT. Boutique hotels and inns are perfect for the elegant murals and custom artisanal finishes Arteriors offers.

Who can resist letting their eyes drink deeply of these magnificent cobalt and cerulean blues?

Life comes from the ocean, our bodies are over 50% water, and the heavens above are a myriad of wondrous celestial blues. It’s a color that we always look for on the horizon, especially after a storm.

To sum up just how much we adore the possibilities of blue, our own home is full of blue walls and even has a floor that’s midnight blue!

Arteriors: connecting feeling to art. Adoring the possibilities of one-of-a-kind design.