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Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, is a color for life.  Soulful and earthy, lush, and vibrant, this shade of all things growing reminds me of childhood days playing in the woods.  The homeowners of this gorgeous brownstone requested finishes in deep Hunter Green, so we took the moss covered ball and ran with it!  Using a hand tinted base coat similar to Greenery, we glazed with several layers of transparent dark greens to create this finish.  The walls outside of the darkly glazed panels are bronzed with a metallic paint finish, accenting the matte sheen of the panels.  The combination brings to mind Jethro Tull’s Songs from the Woods album, with images of velvet capes and dappled light through the verdant leafy canopy.  And yes, I was a flute playing band nerd back in the day!


Lee_Eisemann Pantone Color of the Year 2017 GREENERY

Here’s what Executive Director Leatrice Eisemen of Pantone Color Institute has to say about Greenery:

I think this is an interesting and thought-provoking statement about color that takes into consideration the psychological, emotional and spiritual effects they have on us. Green has always been loved for its calming, healing and meditative quality. It is a welcoming color as well so it works beautifully in places for social gatherings, such as this formal dining room in Boston, Massachusetts.




IMG_0001_2_3_fused.jpg These green-color attributes also have a way of making objects seem more precious, as in the crystal and china displayed in the dining room built-in cabinets. The textured paint finish deepens the space and highlights everything in the foreground.

Arteriors painted a subtle faux marble on the areas below the chair rail. Like a summer breeze, the cream and gray veining breathes air into the dining room and balances the intensity of the upper walls. Designer finishes such as faux marble and deep glazes go hand-in-hand with the decidedly traditional interior design of the space, but the vibrancy and movement of the green glaze brings it to life. greenery marble.jpg

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