Whether you are an architect, interior designer or the client of one, Architectural Finishes such as Decorative Plasters and stucco with embedded mica have to be seen to be believed. And they need to be seen in person so one may touch the surface of the many faces of Venetian Plaster or American Clay. The beauty of these uber-natural surfaces is the subtle 3-dimensional texture and when produced by a talented artisan that can interpret your vision, the results are sublime!

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Architects and hospitality interior designers understand the magnetic quality and inherent integrity from stucco finishes of this sort. These are surfaces made from elemental ingredients, hand-applied by skilled artisans, and reveal an honest and authentic value. Our hand-hewn American Clay veneer on this fireplace accent wall speaks volumes in this entertainment room, designed by Leslie Saul and Associates.

Have your clients to witness first-hand the subtle possibilities and beauty of these decorative plaster finishes! Make your presentation exciting and successful with our custom architectural finish sample boards. They can be shipped in sizes 8” x 11” up to 18” x 24”. Contact us today and tell us your vision! arteriors@arteriors.net  See more of our Decorative Plaster work; https://arteriors.net/venetian-plaster/