Faux finishes

I can’t believe that it’s paint!
That’s amazing!
How did you do that?!

These are common responses to our faux finishes. Arteriors’ faux painting is celebrated for expertise in a craft that has everyone guessing, if not completely fooled! Not only are they beautiful, painted faux finishes also add a bit of entertainment. This kind of work is best when it appears as if by magic. Although the actual project may have taken less than a week to complete, each faux finish takes years of practice to perfect. And after 25 years in the business of “faking it”, our faux finishes appear effortless. They are timeless and classic and we are proud to carry the tradition forward.

  • Faux Tortoise Shell
  • Faux Bois (Wood Grain)
  • Faux Marble
  • Faux Stone

Our clients in this category include:

  • Park Plaza Office Bldg, Boston, MA
  • Potpourri Designs, CT and MA
  • Stella Maris Church, Beverly, MA
  • Bellissimo Grande Hotel, N. Stonington, CT
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel, Boston, MA

Trompe l’oeil painting

With this technique, the artist is also creating an artifice of three dimensions and volume. These Illusionistic paintings virtually transport one into another reality. Done by a master painter’s hand they are wonderful works of art in their own right. Arteriors excels at this type of artistry.

There is a long history of castles, villas and chateaus being decorated with trompe l’oeil (translated from the French it means, “fool the eye”) painting. Recessed paneling, plaster moldings and balconies created where none exist can be seen on both interiors and exteriors of buildings dating back to the Renaissance.

Much of trompe l’oeil painting relies on mastery of faux finishing. Some of our best and most challenging projects have been of this genre. Quintessential examples of our work in this area are of sky seen through glass conservatory mullions, and Italian Renaissance paintings, appearing as if on the walls of an upper balcony, with scenes of the classic architecture and sky beyond.

Our clients in this category include:

  • El Meson Restaurant, Puerto Rico
  • Stoddard’s Restaurant, Boston, MA
  • Atasca Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
  • Bellissimo Grande Hotel, N. Stonington, CT

Decorative Painting

The larger category of our work is called decorative paint finishes and includes a multitude of techniques for interior design styles such as Contemporary, Modern, Industrial Chic, Rustic Chic, Eclectic, Transitional, Traditional, Glamorous, and Baroque.

Whether our client is a homeowner or designer, Arteriors provides our clients a clear path to successful results. Our work is a piece of the design puzzle. By listening carefully, we produce decorative paint finishes that are an exact fit.

Decorative Painting Techniques Include:

  • Ombré
  • Color Washing
  • Glazing
  • Distressed Finish
  • Patina Wash
  • Chinoiserie
  • Strié
  • Woven Finish
  • Stencil Work
  • Wide Stripes
  • Chevron Stripes
  • Green Finishes
  • Suede Finish
  • High Gloss or Wet Look
  • Damask
  • Custom ‘Wallpaper’ using all-over Stenciling

Clients in this category include:

  • Toscano’s Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
  • Atasca Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
  • Potpourri Design, CT and MA
  • Biagio Restaurant, Waltham
  • Mel’s Commonwealth Café, Wayland, MA
  • The Ritz Hotel, Boston, MA

Recreating surface designs for historically sensitive interiors are projects that make our hearts beat a little faster and have been some of our most prized commissions.

Have an Art Deco stenciled and gold leaf ceiling that needs to be re-produced? We’re on it.
An 140 year old church that needs 1,000 square feet of faux marble? We’ve got your back.

Our clients invariably become repeat clients because of our professionalism, strong work ethic and invaluable results.

Services include:

  • Period design and research.
  • Onsite mockup and samples.
  • Research and knowledge of proper preparation.
  • Specify substrates.
  • Restoration of surface design.

Our clients in this category include:

  • Stella Maris Catholic Church, Beverly, MA,
  • Congregation Sons of Israel, Peabody, MA
  • St. Benedict Parish, Somerville, MA
  • Bank of America, Brookline, MA
  • Residences in the Back Bay and Louisburg Square, Boston, MA

Examples of Arteriors’ Faux Finishes & Decorative Painting from our Gallery

Faux Copper Verdigis Columns2019-05-14T16:02:11-04:00
Trompe L’oeil Service Elevator2019-05-14T15:50:12-04:00
Reception Desk with PVC Pipes Transformed with a Weathered Finish2019-03-14T17:35:28-04:00
Artisanal dining room wall finishes.2019-03-14T17:35:28-04:00
Stenciled gilded mirror focal point at restaurant bar.2019-03-14T17:35:28-04:00
Restaurant gets old world artisanal finishes2019-03-14T17:35:28-04:00

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