Arteriors painted a high-key Ombre Wall Finish for some serious Retail Design Swag at Active Allie. Our tag line, We Dream in Colors, was evident in the bodacious pinks and purples of this signature wall. Ombre is a paint finish that blends large swaths of colors, either from dark to light or neighboring hues on the color wheel, such as fuchsia pink graduating to deep purple. Active Allie sells innovative clothing for athletic lifestyles. You could say their mission statement is to move in style and the kinetic look of the Ombre finish underlines that message.

A brick and mortar Nic and Zoe store sports an Arteriors Ombre finish, this Preview time in a dramatic charcoal gray. The graphite tone on the ceiling blends down into the pearl gray walls, creating a smoky border that accents the apparel. Imagine this space without the soft blending of wall into ceiling and the appeal clearly lessens.


If there’s no swag, there are fewer sales. Retail Design that connects the shopper to a good feeling is what it is all about. An Ombre finish conveys a sense of  transformation, a softening of borders and the possibility of being many things; a poet, a runner, an artist and a business owner.

Our cultural identity are multi-leveled and constantly changing. Retail design that underscores our complex selves is inspirational. We’re here to help! Call us today and read more about inspirational finishes for retail design. ombre-blog3