Arteriors Green PhilosophyWhat is the use of a house if you don’t have a decent planet to put it on? Henry David Thoreau

Here’s how eco-friendly and sustainability applies to our company:
• Arteriors uses only water-based paints and materials. We custom mix all of our paints with toxin free and zero VOC pigments.
• 95% of our work is hand –made without the use of power tools, which helps us maintain a low carbon footprint.
• The clay and plaster finishes we apply are natural, environmental finishes that improve air quality, unlike the synthetic products commonly used. They are also sourced from within the US, reducing carbon emissions in shipping.

We are also socially sustainable:
• Our artisanal decorative and mural work keeps these art forms in practice and accessible to the public, beautifying our world.
• By hiring local artists, we are supporting the local economy.
• Most of the materials we purchase are produced in the US, also supporting the local and national economy.
• Our restoration work for institutions and antique homes helps to preserve places of historical and cultural importance.

Stubbornness and love of our craft kept us pursuing an improbable vocation. Love of our beautiful planet as well as health concerns motivated our commitment to using only environmentally-friendly artist materials.

Over 25 years ago when Amiel and Stephanie Mesner started Arteriors they were recent art school graduates and expecting their first child. A faux marble project for wooden columns involved the use of oil paint, turpentine and water: a very noxious mix. Fortunately for us, and all of our future clients, the fumes made Stephanie nauseous which prompted their decision to part from oil paints, thinners and toxic ingredients forever.

At that time, all of the “recipes” for faux finishing called for oil paint. There was no information on how to apply decorative finishes using low VOC or zero VOC water based paints so Arteriors developed our own systems, becoming pioneers in the use of acrylic house paints for this art form.

Why and How Arteriors is Green in terms of paint applications:
• No use of oil, lacquer or solvent base paints,
• All colors are custom mixed using our own zero VOC pigments,
• Paint used is primarily zero VOC acrylic.
• Option of toxin free paint such as Mythic and Bioshield.

“Volatile organic compound” or VOC is the name given to a substance that contains carbon and evaporates or off-gases at room temperature. What this means is that the air that you and your family breathe inside your home contains these vapors, and they can remain trapped indoors for up to 6 years! They include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.

Understanding the causes of indoor air pollution and the consequences motivates us to use many of the non-toxic alternative materials in our decorative and faux finishes, as well as in our mural painting. We now have dozens of products to choose from that vary in the amount of natural contents. Some still have petroleum based acrylics but have eliminated the inert toxins. Others are made from raw ingredients like plant resins and oils, plant dyes, beeswax, and minerals such as chalk, talcum and clay, milk casein, etc. They are non-polluting and protect the air, water and land, even in their “after-life”.


This moniker describes us very clearly, as well as a large and growing sector of the population – one in four adult Americans.
Arteriors is highly regarded for our excellence in decorative plaster and American Clay applications. Our choice to offer these natural and organic stone veneers is not only for their aesthetic value but also for their environmental and health benefits. Decorative plasters and American Clay actually improve indoor air quality.

Traditional marble and lime Venetian Plaster and American Clay will:
• Regulate humidity.
• Add LEED points to Green building projects.
• Increase efficiency of Energy Star systems.
• Prevent mold and mildew growth.
• Reduce noise.
• Decrease carbon monoxide.