A panoramic mural painting creates an inner world of natural beauty

on guest bathroom walls!

Arteriors was commissioned to paint a custom designed landscape mural evocative of 18th century panoramic, hand-painted wallpapers.  Historically, these were filled with classic mythological scenes depicting Greek Gods and Goddesses.  At the designer’s request, we replaced those images with local flora and fauna of the New England Atlantic coast.

The semi monochromatic palette is inspired by the stunning coastal Cape Cod home’s muted and weather-faded shades of taupe, gray and slate blue.  Wind shaped oak trees and stubby pines frame the rocky outcrops and open water.  In the foreground, the resident fox and mouse fill in a subtext from favorite children’s stories.

Mural Tree

Mural Fox

The gentle darkening in the corners and along the base boards is due to a technique we fondly call “nicotine wash”.  The entire mural is washed with two layers to create this effect.  Tobacco smoke might not be known as healthy for us mortals, but the appearance of dirt and soot on panoramic murals provides a gorgeous patina that melds the imagery together!

The beauty of decorative mural painting is that the style is created to support the larger picture of the room design, specified by the interior designer.  Imagery is painted to tell a condensed story so that the visual realism takes a back seat to the aesthetic of the space.  The dimensions of the room that the mural occupies dictate how the composition is drawn.


Unlike wall-hung artwork that has an individual presence, murals are created to be team players.  They can be showy, and play nice with the other room features.  This impressive powder room has substantial oak wood work, an antique stone fountain converted into a pedestal sink and dark gray, stone slab flooring.  All of these features are seen in harmony with the story book wall mural.

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Mural China Cabinet

Un-abashedly traditional, mono-chromatic landscape murals make for beautiful pairings in formal dining rooms. Another Arteriors landscape mural, also inspired by panoramic antique wallpaper, takes its’ cues from the Hudson River School Painters. Their idealistic approach toward American landscapes informs our preliminary sketches and the muted tones of mono-chrome wallpaper inspire the limited palette.

Mural Dining Room

This mural painting done for our client in a Boston suburb is less playful than the woodland scene pictured above, but has a grander feel that matches the beautifully crafted furniture.

About the Artist: Murals featured in this piece were painted by Stephanie Mesner, owner and artistic director of Arteriors. An Alaskan born New Englander, her exceptional talent for bringing the beauty of the natural world to a home’s interior is evident.  Her passion is to create a client’s vision both artistically and by using only “green” water based, Earth safe materials.

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