Like with fine dining, hospitality design is crucial when a customer first evaluates your business.

Before we take a bite,  a fine meal is shaped by that initial visual experience. The same holds true when a customer evaluates your hotel or restaurant – because your reputation is shaped by your visual branding.

Legal Seafoods knows how the perfect visual accent can make a night out more memorable, so Arteriors was hired to create faux rusted soffits for their flagship property, Legal Harborside. The first floor is modeled after the hull of a ship.  Our design elements helped tell clients to expect an authentic and memorable experience.

All photos featuring work by Arteriors.

In the heart of downtown Boston, the Nine Zero Hotel has won numerous awards, including being on Condé Nast’s “The Best by Design” Gold List for 2005. With a platinum metallic “gallery finish” on their lobby walls, Arteriors helped the luxury hotel tell clients to expect comfort, style, and elegance.

Finding a trustworthy mechanic is never easy…but anyone can tell the difference between grungy floors, overflowing ashtrays, three-year-old magazines…and a beautifully designed waiting room that offers classic car themes, comfy chairs, and a faux chrome wall finish with trompe l’oeil rivets.

Chrome wall finish with trompe l'oeil rivets

Chrome wall finish with trompe l’oeil rivets

The décor you choose for your visual branding sends a powerful message. Let Arteriors design your place of business: reinforce your brand’s message and remind your clients to expect work of the highest quality.

Arteriors: connecting feeling to art. Contact us today to connect your reputation to your visual brand.