Hotel art for a boutique hotel in Boston, MAUnderscore your brand with custom designed hotel art and restaurant art. Hospitality Designers look at the whole picture and consider the brand message when choosing fabric, flooring, etc. That marketing image shouldn’t stop when it comes to purchasing the artwork. Unique artwork will in fact will go a long way, and send a very memorable message to your patrons.

If the brand of your restaurant is about history of location and exclusivity, use the opportunity to further your brand and commission a local artist to communicate this theme.

A series of hotel art for a boutique hotel in downtown Boston with this image profile is a slam dunk.  Arteriors produced hand crafted paintings that includes antique maps of the Boston area.  Using the magnetism of maps, the paintings call for a closer inspection and leave the viewer with a sense of discovery.

This piece, also by Arteriors, quotes Dr. Seuss, a local and international favorite children books author.

Hotel art painting for Boston hotel

Artisanal work is a symbol for quality in hotel or restaurant. Just say no to the ubiquitous prints of Impressionist paintings, no matter how cost effective they are! In the long run this kind of investment will do more to harm than good for the image of your business.

Contact Arteriors today!  Go for the emotionally and intellectually engaging affect of carefully chosen original restaurant and hotel art.