Color Me HappyHere at Arteriors, we artists are busy adding lots of shimmery metallic paints and high gloss sheen to our designer finish repertoire. Maybe this isn’t the style for everyone, but when super shiny paint is done right it delivers the same “wow” effect that a brand new red tricycle has on a 3-year-old!

The Right Preparation is Key to a Lacquer Paint Finish
So prior to you running to the paint store to buy high-gloss paint and a roller sleeve, understand that anything shiny accents the slightest imperfection on a surface. Before any paint comes near the wall, a meticulous prep needs to happen.  Unless you are using environmentally hazardous oil-based paint – or even worse lacquer! –  rolling or brushing on water-based paint will leave its own orange peel or brush texture.

How to Get a Glass-like Paint Sheen

  1. After you are sure that the walls are as smooth as possible, spray the surface with the first layer of semi-gloss paint.
  2. More imperfections will appear at this point so fill and sand them. Then sand the entire area with 600 grit sandpaper.
  3. Dust and vacuum the entire room.
  4. Repeat this process again with the second layer of paint.
  5. And then spray the surface with at least 2 layers of high gloss urethane.

This is not a quick weekend project, nor should you try it without lots of experience using a paint sprayer. But, if done correctly and with finesse, the results are delicious!  Think hard candy, new car paint finish, or the look of enamel.

We think super shiny, wet look walls can only be described as “color me happy”! What do you think?