Arteriors has been specializing in metallic paint finishes for many years, but the Industrial Chic design trend has opened up new possibilities and inspired our new repertoire of faux corroded metal.

Corroded and tarnished metals are deliciously rich in texture and color, and lend themselves to artistic interpretation. Silver tarnishes to a gorgeous yellow-black patina. Oxidized copper varies from olive green to Phthalo Green – its shiny surfaces contrast with chalk-flat sections.

Distressed silver metallic finish IMG_5859-edit

Legal Seafoods Harborside commissioned us to paint miles of rusted steel strips to be applied like clapboards on the surfaces of their soffits. The effect is like the side of a fishing shanty.

Faux corroded metal

Closeup of Rusted Metal for Legal Seafood Harborside

Industrial Chic, a design trend that takes its cue from decaying urban warehouses and shipyards, is both edgy and appealing. It works especially well for hospitality design. Patrons feel that the food will be authentic, fresh and unpretentious. At least that’s what I intuit to be the restaurateur’s intention.

Faux corroded metal like this dark steel faux finish is done from several layers of color, topped with lightly brushed metallic paint.  It pairs nicely with distressed leather, or antique mirrors.


Keep your eyes open for Industrial Chic – a gritty design element in interior design.

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