Did you know that Arteriors also provides high end interior painting using all eco friendly materials?

Committed to environmentally friendly painting for several decades now, Arteriors believes our practices can benefit house painting industry as a whole.   A healthy interior environment is best for all our clients, including the many people with allergies.  Some of our reasons are selfish too.  We are in contact with paint everyday of our lives and we want to live long!

The Whole World is Your Color Book

Recently we ran into a client that was hesitant to hire us for house painting.  She asked, “Do you ever use just regular paint?”   The reason why is that she was used to using the color book from her favorite paint brand.  The answer to her is yes of course we can match any color from Benjamin Moore, or Sherwin Williams, or anyone else for that matter including zero VOC, Mythic Paint.  Or even Venetian Plaster from Vasari.

Paint Color The Right RedBeing able to reproduce a specific color is very important to designers who are used to the paint books.  However, we think the books are actually very hard to use.  The colors that you see, in a 1”x2” chip, appear very different when you paint it in the room.  Volume and lighting makes a huge difference – often the colors turns out not to be exactly what you wanted!

(We’ve heard horror stories of having to paint a dining room three times trying to get “the right red”!)

Arteriors goes further than the paint color book.  We mix colors on location the old fashioned way.  First, we’ll mix a small amount of paint and do a full wall sample.   Then, if the paint color needs to be tweaked, it can be done in an instant.  Once your eyes light up and “the perfect color” is declared, then we mix the full amount.

Arteriors’ method opens your color world.  With us there is no limiting yourself to a paint color book. You can choose from a piece of pottery, a leaf, a curtain or other piece of fabric, it doesn’t matter. We can pretty much guarantee we can arrive to the color that you like.

Contact Arteriors today for all your interior painting needs and get Your Healthy Color!