Part 3 in our Toxicity of Paint Series

Zero VOC paint equals better indoor air quality.  This is a big improvement from latex or water-based paints that do have VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).  By eliminating the most harmful exposure to toxins from paint – the fumes – we humans and animals that live indoors will have healthier air to breathe.  And fewer toxins will be released into the environment.

Zero VOC Paint

But here’s the caveat for using VOC free paint: Like canned peas, it may look green but it’s not necessarily good for you. There are still inert toxins in acrylic paint that will stay sealed on your walls and ceilings such as: solvents, mercury, formaldehyde, and benzene (many of the same found in low VOC paints).  Your indoor air quality will be somewhat purer than using low VOC paints, but these products are still harmful to the environment when disposed of.

As painters, we at Arteriors are always weighing the pros and cons of using various products that have no volatile organic compounds. Thankfully the paint industry is moving in the right direction by researching and developing products that are better for our health. Arteriors has committed to using exclusively water-based paints since our business was started, but we still use some low VOC paints for certain projects.  There are a few primers and sealers that are superior to their VOC free competitors.

Knowledge is power so understanding how different paints will affect your health and support your lifestyle can inform your choices whether you’re at the paint store, or hiring a contractor.

Also, stay tuned! The next level up in green paint products is toxin free paint which will be the subject in the next blog article in the series. Call Arteriors today at 508-655-1942.

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