Two kitchen cabinet painting projects recently completed required a higher degree of detailing. With Arteriors’ love and attention to details, both kitchens transcended their mediocre beginnings of run of the mill wood finishes.

The North of Boston suburban homeowners opted for a French Country look with an off-white, weathered paint finish.  Architectural details were accented with a light antique glaze on top and the island was painted in a contrasting color.

en Cabinet Painting - Before
French Country Kitchen Cabinets

Our second client, a luxury condo owner in Boston, had us transform the kitchen cabinets into a fresh contemporary finish.  A solid application of cool gray/aqua was applied to the frame and box.  And a pearlescent combed strie finish was painted on the door panels.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - before

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - after

The fun part of the job is of course the final accent details.  But the other 90% of the work is crucial to creating durable and beautiful cabinet finishes that will last the test of time. A paint finish is only as strong as its weakest link.

The steps for kitchen cabinet painting leading up to the final decorative layers go like this:

  1. Sand and degloss for good adhesion.
  2. Prime with high adhesion primer.
  3. Apply base coat of desired finish color with a premium paint that is designed for painting cabinets, such as low-VOC, low-odor Advance by Benjamin Moore.
  4. Apply 2nd coat of finish color.

There are no shortcuts to this work.  We are meticulous about producing the best substrate for the fun decorative layers.

The cabinets in both kitchens were good candidates for applying our transformative magic.  They were of high quality and their layout suited the homeowners’ needs. And of course, choosing to reuse is a brilliant way to conserve on resources, stay green and save a bundle of time and money!

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