LOHAS paint finish

While it is true that LIFESTYLE OF HEALTH AND SUSTAINABILITY might not be a sexy title, it describes very clearly a large and growing sector of the American population.

The Arteriors team of artists considers ourselves to be part of this group, which, according to research puts us at one in four adult Americans – close to 41 million people!

Here’s how eco-sustainability applies to us:

  • Arteriors uses only water based paints and low- or no-VOC materials.  We custom mix all of our paints with toxin free pigments, keeping us and our clients living in a healthy environment.
  • 99% of our work is hand made, maintaining a low carbon footprint.
  • The clay and plaster finishes we apply are natural, environmentally friendly finishes that improve air quality, unlike the synthetic plaster products commonly used.  They are also sourced from within the U.S., reducing carbon emissions in shipping.

We are also socially sustainable:

  • Our artisanal decorative and mural work keeps these art forms in practice and accessible to the public, beautifying our world.
  • By hiring local artists, Arteriors and our clients are supporting the local economy.
  • Most of the materials we purchase are produced in the U.S., also supporting the local and national economy.
  • Our work reproducing existing decorative art in large institutions helps to preserve places of historical and cultural importance.

LOHAS is a progressive movement that helps consumers to use their money to influence large corporations to produce their products in a conscientious way.  Although the marketing potential is nearly untapped, the business and hospitality industry is listening more and more to this population.

Do you live in the LOHAS zone? Read more, http://www.lohas.com/about.

Arteriors is “in” and working everyday for a healthier and more beautiful world!

LOHAS Arteriors