Metallic Paint Damask FinishArteriors designed and applied a pearlescent metallic paint finish on the exterior of a volcanic limestone soaker tub exterior to convey the sense of extreme luxury.

What is extreme luxury? In the words of international hospitality interior designer Alexandra Champalimaud who spoke at the HD Boutique Design Show in Miami this past September, luxury is created from extreme comfort.

Everything in master bedroom suites should consider how the inhabitant will experience their space. Are sounds from outside loud or muffled? Does the water in the tub stay hot for the entire bath time? Is it a visually comfortable room?

In this spirit, Kate Earls, builder, considered all the senses when choosing the tub by Victoria and Albert, which is manufactured with a paintable exterior. A generously scaled damask stencil was chosen to be applied to the tub, complimenting the upscale traditional vibe of this Boston Back Bay brownstone condo.

The process involves base coating with a custom mixed off white color. Then applying two layers of pearl metallic paint in a scrumbled finish.  And finally stenciling the damask pattern over the pearl finish with a light taupe-gray color in a matte sheen.

Damask Metallic Paint Finish

This is a gorgeous home in a fantastic location. Every detail, including our artisanal damask paint finish on the soaker tub, was chosen to reflect the uniqueness and beauty of Boston’s historical Back Bay neighborhood.

What’s your view of extreme luxury?  Give Arteriors a call today 508-655-1942 for your unique metallic paint finish.