A metallic paint finish in oxidized copper on the exterior of homes, restaurants or retail establishments adds huge curb appeal. All metallic finishes are luminous and reflective so they are natural attention grabbers.

CCopper Metallic Paint Finish

Copper Metallic Paint Finish

Each metallic paint has a certain flavor. Gold tastes like caviar.  Champagne and silver have a lyrical and poetic vibe. But copper has a savory appeal which makes it a perfect finish to use in the front of commercial and residential buildings.

Arteriors painted this set of mass-produced garage doors with a water-based, exterior grade copper metallic paint finish.  We also applied a trompe l’oeil stone painting surround to match the outer existing stone façade. Imagine the original appearance with the typical white garage doors.  Then compare that to these seemingly handcrafted copper-clad doors.  You have to admit – the curb appeal is off the charts!

Inspired Metallic Paint FinishMuch like painted kitchen cabinets, metallic paint finishes are extremely cost effective and save our clients bundles of money.

Arteriors added a few touches of painted copper verdigris and oxidized copper to the façade of a local favorite restaurant: Fiorella’s Italian Restaurant in Newton, MA. The Fiorella’s brand incorporates lots of antique copper pots and warm mellow colors.  So adding a copper metallic finish to the exterior further accents this design flavor and creates an appealing first impression.

Copper Verdigris Metallic Paint Finish

Copper Verdigris Metallic Paint Finish

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