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blog 1.jpg Branding Locations With a Repeated Finish

The same three artisanal paint finishes are repeated in the design of four locations of Fiorella’s Italian Restaurant; Oxidized Copper, Antique Bronze and Terracotta Glaze. Each location is a distinctly different space in a dissimilar building.  Instead of forcing a homogenized design on all of the interiors, an individual but cohesive look is created for each by way of hand wrought, unique wall 2.jpg

Before there were four locations, Arteriors created the repeating metallic paint finishes and glaze for the first establishment in Newton, MA. Copper Verdigris is applied to the exterior fascia board, Antique Bronze  transforms the exposed heating ducts inside and all of the interior walls wear the light Terracotta Glaze. Their brand is clearly evident in the warm, Old World atmosphere. There is an open kitchen with savory aromas wafting throughout, the custom designed display units showcase copper cookware and their quintessential tomato sauce that is for sale. Underlining and supporting the authentic feel and delicious eating experience are the weathered metallic paint finishes and softly textured glaze.

As the business grew and more locations opened, we applied the same metallic finishes to different surfaces in each of the spaces. The weathered Copper Verdigris is painted on walls between large plate glass windows in Fiorella’s Belmont restaurant, and in another location, the similar kind of walls are applied with the metallic Antique Bronze. They call out the eatery’s brand brilliantly by visually connecting to the other 3 locations.

Artisanal Finishes Create Unique Experiences

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Hospitality Design for Boutique hotels and restaurants scores big points with guests when unique, artisanal finishes match the boutique aesthetic.

Hotel Commonwealth in Boston’s Kenmore Square created an artist loft theme suite and called on Arteriors to apply an antique bronze finish to the door.

Appearing to weigh over 400 pounds and to have been around for a good 80 years, the artisan surface design provides a portal to an artistic experience.

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Artisan Finish Accent Wall 

Group One Partners, Inc. of Boston wanted a weathered paint finish on an accent wall.  The functional shutters are doors that complement their urban chic hospitality design at the newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn, Providence, RI.  New wood and several layers of carefully mixed glazes to replicate a faded and ocean sprayed exterior surface.  It’s important to create spaces for patrons to have a unique experience in a world of mass-manufactured building materials. Good design will create spaces that include pockets of hand-made artwork.

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Rustic Modern With a Faux Woodgrain Finish

Arteriors provides the best in architectural finishes that support the vision of Hospitality Designers. We were commissioned to help create a warm and welcoming environment featuring the rustic modern trend for The Hopewell Bar and Kitchen in Allston. The rustic personality of the restaurant is mirrored above with a faux weathered wood plank ceiling. This project was featured in an earlier blog, read more here: