Arteriors Mural at The Art of the BrickIn the quintessentially Boston setting of Quincy Market is a very nontraditional and eye catching custom mural painting for the entrance to the exhibit called The Art of the Brick. Riffing off the use of LEGOs as the artist’s sculpture material, Arteriors created a very cool geometric design that uses the same proportions and colors of this popular children’s toy.

Arteriors Mural at The Art of the Brick EntranceThe technical approach was elegantly simple.

  1. Paint everything flat black, including the doors, trim and wall.
  2. Then, the wall was measured and gridded.
  3. According to the design, painter’s tape applied to preserve the black lines between the Mondrian-like rectangles.
  4. The “bricks” were then painted in with the bright primary colors (as well as green) of LEGOS.

When the tape was pulled off, the eye-popping mural was revealed! True to Arteriors’ reputation of efficiency and accuracy for the Hospitality industry, we started and finished in 2 days.

The exhibit showcases the work of Nathan Sawaya, and is entertaining, thought provoking and well deserving of the attention that this eye-popping entryway creates. Don’t miss this exhibit!

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The Art of the Brick