Trompe L'oeil Canopy Tent Mural

At Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale, look up while sitting in the round banquette and you will see our trompe l’oeil mural painting of a striped circus tent ceiling, syncing beautifully with the jazzed Victorian-Era design. The illusion of the billowing, 3-D circus tent above underlines the Gastro-pub theme. Arteriors designed the vibrant mural to pump up the vintage carnival atmosphere and painted the tent stripes on the flat ceiling in classic Painted Lady colors of ochre, fuchsia and green. Much like a trapeze artist’s costume, the edges are treated to a gold fringe.


This venue uses smart Hospitality Design by invoking a quintessentially Boston vibe and riffing off of the buildings’ history. It has housed a few industries, such as a
cutlery and later as a girdle and brassiere factory, some of which are irreverently displayed on the walls. The building is in one of Downtown Boston’s most historic buildings and there are reminders everywhere of its’ significance. Beautiful railings from yesterday’s shopping Mecca, Filene’s, are re-used on the stairways. Antique bars and chandeliers provide for great visual entertainment. More is more at Stoddard’s and we proved this design theory correct with a painted map mural of Boston, circa 1776. The carpet on the floor is actually a painted faux carpet, which we provided as well.

Mel's-redesignWe solved two design challenges at Mel’s Commonwealth Café in Wayland, Massachusetts. The new restaurant theme for this local favorite is Mid-Century American Diner. Check! Our design team crafts this sleek Art Deco Sign Painting in Mint Green and Cherry Red.
The diners on the other side of the French doors need more privacy from the line of people waiting to be seated. Check! Arteriors paints a metallic Art Deco shape on the glass, further accenting the 50’s era theme. Our client was provided with a Photoshop design, adjustments were made, we installed the artwork and the result is a visually exciting Theme Restaurant interior. Check out the possibilities at; and call us today! 508655-9142

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