tattowall mural for hotelTattoowallTM is a new technology that is a marriage between high tech and pure artistry.  Murals can be produced faster and more cost-effectively from a digital image, and have the texture of a painted surface.

Arteriors’ artists have been hand-painting murals for many years.  Eager to learn a new method, we took the Tattoowall course and are now certified applicators and able to use this technology to our clients’ advantage.

Tattoowall is a printed product but doesn’t look or feel like that.  It is like a thin layer of paint that molds directly to almost any surface.  Stretchy and feeling like latex, it behaves like paint and it looks like paint.  One of the major benefits of Tattoowall is that it is easily modified and repaired with acrylic paints, making touchups simple, quick and cost-effective.

Tattowall can be applied to smooth, straight, irregular, heavily textured or curved surfaces, and can be used on interior or exterior walls and ceilings.

What most excites us as artists most, is that you can also paint directly onto the application.  Therefore, it can also be used as a tool for creating original art, not only as an end result.  This is because Tattowall is much different than printed wallpaper, it acts more like paint.

All murals are not the same price or charged the same per square foot.  A large mural with few details, like a sky mural, can cover a lot of footage very fast and be cost-effective for a large ceiling.   A more detailed mural such as a landscape, a trompe l’oeil window, or a cityscape covering much smaller square footage can take just as much time as the sky mural applied to a larger area.

Now with Tattoowall, it is charged by the square footage, regardless of how much detail there is.  It is very time-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to install and maintain for a mural application to large areas.

Great savings also apply to small murals, with high detail with a repetitive pattern and application to multiple areas.  In these cases, Tattoowall is an especially great resource with excellent value.

An ideal scenario would be a chain of stores or restaurants across the country whereby the artist can execute original artwork once and then transfer it to a digital image.  Using Tattowall, it can be simultaneously installed in an unlimited amount of various locations – and even on different size areas!

As professional artists using technology like this, we can offer tremendous value to our clients – especially in the retail and hospitality fields.  Contact Arteriors today at arteriors@rcn.com and let’s make some murals!