Part 4 in our Toxicity of Paint Series

Non toxic paint could be the best choice for you and your family. If you have read the past 3 articles in our series about the health risks of using oil paint or low VOC paint, you’ll understand why.

Non toxic paint is easy to procure, it’s good for you and leaves only a small carbon footprint.

non toxic paint

Non toxic paints are water based paints that go beyond VOC-free paints. Health conscious painters and environmentalists have demanded greener choices and the paint industry has listened! We now have dozens of products to choose from that vary in the amount of natural contents and in the quality.

Some still have petroleum based acrylic ingredients, but have eliminated the inert toxins discussed in part 3 of this series. Others are more natural paints that you could just about substitute for lunch in a pinch! Made from raw ingredients like plant resins and oils, plant dyes, beeswax, minerals such as chalk, talcum and clay, milk casein, etc., they are non-polluting and protect the air, water and land even in their “after-life”.

In a perfect world we would use only non-toxic paints – but there are a few draw backs. They’re not as readily available as a gallon of Benjamin Moore, and some of them are pricey.

Arteriors has used Mythic Paint (available to us locally at Eco Home Center of New England).  It might not be as natural as others, but they have a full line of water-based paints in various sheens to choose from and they are reasonably priced. We are very happy with their results. BioShield Paint is another favorite of ours but we have not found a dealer in our area and have to order them a week in advance.

Also, stay tuned! Natural stone veneers such as decorative plasters and American Clay actually improve indoor air quality! Read our next article (coming soon) about these wonderful finishes in part 5 of our blog series.

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