Ombre wall mural in pool roomWe confess that the first request to paint an ombré wall finish, we had to look up the word on the Internet. Our first guess was some kind of shadowy finish due to the Spanish word ‘sombra‘, which means ‘shadow‘.  The guess was correct and we believe that the current surge of this new term in decorative painting has originated from hair color technique that creates a gradual darkening color towards the ends of the hair. If we could hand-dip the walls in dye, this is how they would look.

For the ombré paint finish, either the lower walls or upper walls are a deep saturated color that lightens gradually to a pastel shade of the same hue.

Ombre paint finish on walls

To create this fluid appearance via water based paint, Arteriors custom mixed approximately 5 shades of aqua and had copious amounts of neutral base paint on hand. First, a band of the lightest shade is rolled on.  Before the bottom edge is dry we blend the edge into the 2nd band and next shade down with the neutral base paint. This is continued to the bottom of the wall and the deepest shade of teal blue.

Metallic paint finish detailsFor this particular indoor pool room project, we created sharper delineations of the adjacent layers to create an under-water illusion. We then added a bit of whimsy with schools of fish painted in a pearl metallic paint.

The finish alludes to atmospheric and natural environments such as the sky or ocean. Blues and turquoise are perfect choices for ombré finishes and we love this dusky amethyst hue, shown below, as well.

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Ombre wall finish