Kitchens are the heart of a home, expressing your lifestyle and personality more than any other room in the house. It is our responsibility to translate that style and design into our work.

Our service allows for cabinets, one of the most expensive items in a house, to transition into what the owners would choose, rather than a reflection of the previous homeowners taste.

We are aware of the constant traffic that kitchens receive, and how many times cabinets are opened, closed, and wiped down. We also know how disruptive kitchen renovations are to families so you’ll be glad to know our projects are typically finished in one week. We create finishes that hold up beautifully to lots of use.

Services include:

  • Unlimited design choices in finish and color
  • Expert substrate preparation and priming
  • Highly durable and lasting finish
  • Green solutions
  • Water base, low VOC products used

Detailing and accenting:

  • Glazing of architectural details
  • Patina washes and antiquing
  • Distressing
  • High Gloss
  • Gilding of details
  • Accented panels
  • Faux wood grain

Our work is a finely tuned orchestration of house-painting basics with decorative paint finishes. If you have read our About Us page you know that artist and co-owner Amiel Mesner is the son of a paint chemist and has a singular passion for the technical aspects of paint and substrates. This obsession combined with a previous life as a house painter serves as our foundation for Arteriors uniquely successful cabinet surface renovations.

The life of a painted finish depends not only on the final application of a superior enamel paint, but also on the knowledge of the right steps to prepare the surface and use the correct bonding primer. With all of these elements in place, the results are durable and aesthetically pleasing kitchen cabinetry.

Painting kitchen cabinets and built-ins are not only beautiful alternatives to replacing them but also a greener choice. Cabinets are restored, resources are saved, and significantly less money is spent.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Images from our Gallery

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