A beautiful alternative to refinishing
Think of every cliché that depicts a dramatic transformation and you will describe the process of painting kitchen cabinets.  From rags to riches.  A silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  A difference of night and day.

Faux painting your cabinets is not only a beautiful alternative to installing a new kitchen but also a greener and more economical choice. Cabinets are restored, resources are saved and a significantly less amount of money is spent.

Imagine dark wood stained kitchen cabinets becoming a light, neutral, off-white with a raw umber patina glaze. The architectural details can be accented by applying a subtly darker or lighter color to the recessed areas. There are also several choices in the finish such as faux wood graining, strie or super shiny high-gloss.

Like the chefs who will use the renovated cabinetry, success depends on the materials, the recipe and the skill of the artist. So, first consider the quality of the cabinets and whether or not they’re likely to last another 15 years.

The correct recipe of re-painting kitchen cabinets involves careful preparation.
All surfaces should be degreased and lightly sanded.  After they have been scrupulously prepped, they are painted with a strong, bonding primer. The base coat layers should be either a premium satin finish paint and can also be top-coated with a strong waterbased urethane, creating a durable and washable surface. The paint finish is only as good as the company providing the service so hire a reputable painter with lots of experience and references.

Spend a lot less money, save the planet and get the look and feel of a new kitchen. The transformation is stunning!