Stephanie MesnerDesign Talk with Stephanie Mesner

This year there was plenty of fresh new looks and products at the AD Home Design Show 2012.  Trade shows are a great way to stay educated in my field.  It’s not enough to read the magazines – I need to see the actual product, talk to the vendors and get the feel for what’s current in contemporary design.

Stamp Rugs are adorable and refreshing.  I love the sculpted affect of the cut pile.  They come in many colors and could be a great whimsical punch to a bedroom or office.

These vintage circus posters from Poland are especially great because they combine both the graphic art with the historical significance of being created behind the Iron Curtain.  At the time when these were made, all media was censored, including these images that sometimes contained sly political messages hidden in the symbolic imagery.

A custom designed Japanese style soaking tub by was a great find.  Both the chunky, Art Deco style and the copper finish would work great paired with an artisanal Marmorino Plaster wall.





My favorite booth however was Green River Stone showcasing real fossil stone slabs from their quarry in Wyoming.  Used as an accent wall piece, fossil tile or table top – they are simply awe inspiring.

The palm frond fossil piece really sings to me!  I picture it hanging in a super eco-chic boutique hotel lobby with an American Clay tray ceiling above.

Want to stay current in your design profession?  Get yourself to this show next year!