Here at Arteriors, we live and breathe creative design, so we know exactly what it takes to develop restaurant interior design Massachusetts customers will remember forever. Not everything is about the food in restaurants, and how your dining area comes across makes a big impact on the overall experience. This is why it’s important to choose a restaurant interior design firm that’s brimming with ideas and passion.

Our services

In many ways, we stand out from other restaurant interior design firms by offering a highly personalised, bespoke service. We’ll always make sure that your restaurant isn’t a replica of every other in the city. By choosing us, you’re prioritising artistic value over minimalistic convenience, giving your business the chance to really stand out. Some of what we can offer you include:

  • A customised mural, in line with your aesthetic and branding
  • Faux marble and wood finishing
  • Decorative painting for feature walls
  • Design and craft props or sculptures as decorative features

… and more!

Why choose us

Experience: We’ve been a restaurant interior design firm for more than 30 years, meaning we’ve honed our craft to the highest of standards.

International reputation: Although we pride ourselves on offering restaurant interior design Massachusetts businesses love, our reputation extends much further afield. Having received international praise, you can be sure that your restaurant will impress all your customers, no matter where they’re visiting from.

Family run: Founded and still run by a husband and wife, Arteriors isn’t just another one of the many faceless restaurant interior design firms. You’ll be able to work directly with the creative power behind the whole operation and know you’re getting a top-quality service each and every time.

Customer service: We really do care about you and your business, so we’ll always strive to work with you to achieve the restaurant of your dreams. Everything we create will be directly drawn from your initial ideas; we look forward to working as a team together.

Please get in touch today if you’d like to discuss more.