Stephanie MesnerThe Artist View by Stephanie Mesner

Last month,  I buzzed into NYC to see both the Whitney Biennial and the AD Home Design Show.  A round trip in one day from Boston to New York is exhausting, but as a visual-arts professional it’s well worth the effort!

The Whitney Museum is famous for their biennials and is often credited for showing cutting edge art work from both well established and emerging young artists.  It is currently running through through May 27, with some works continuing to June 10.

Overall this year’s show was disappointing.  Much of what I saw was overly cerebral work that relied heavily on digitally produced materials.  If I had to read the museum’s explanation on the wall of what I was seeing to understand the installation, I felt that the work did not stand up on its own.

There are, however 3 artists represented whose work I found inspiring:

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s series of narrative photographs with hand-written commentary were powerful stories of her economically depleted town – Braddock, PA.

The other piece that I found to be achingly beautiful is Werner Herzog’s film; Hearsay of the Heart.  More like a fusion of a slide show and a film, haunting images of landscape drawings by seventeenth-century Dutch artist Hercules Segers (c. 1590–1638),  are juxtaposed with the cellist playing the music of Dutch musician Ernst Reijseger (b. 1954).  It was mesmerizing.

All forms of art cross-pollinate and inspires me – seeing the drawings of this Dutch Rennaissance artist for the first time will enrich my creative library.

As a decorative artist, I appreciated this installation by Nick Mauss.  It was a clever way to create a grissaille effect depicting architectural details of a classical interior using fabric and ribbon as his materials.

Tired from the day but refreshed in spirit, I returned to my clients and studio with a deeper well of ideas from which to draw.

Arteriors: connecting feeling to art.