photo-final2The silver screen and the sexy luster of a silver leaf surface go hand-in-hand.  And although this is a process that requires both skill and patience, the results are spectacular!

Arteriors was commissioned to provide this finish as a background for a hand-painted Chinoiserie mural for a palatial home in West Palm Beach, Florida.  After our client saw our finished work, they opted to keep the walls exactly as they are… sleek, shimmering and beautiful.

And to let you in on a little secret:  the room pictured here is not actually silver, but aluminum leaf!  Aluminum leaf is a much less expensive material than the actual sterling silver leaf.   The leaves are larger which makes application slightly easier.   And it also does not tarnish like genuine silver leaf.   The tone of aluminum leaf is cooler, with an undertone of blue, so if you want the soft warm glow of sterling silver then we suggest the real thing.  Real silver leaf will require a special sealant which will protect from tarnishing.

Both aluminum and real silver leaf are sophisticated and gorgeous.  Call us today – and add some Hollywood glamour to your home!