Faux Suede Designer Paint FinishThere are a few paint manufacturers who make a product that produces a suede paint finish looks very similar to brushed suede.  But Arteriors uses Venetian Plaster and a water based paint for much better results!

Why? Because the commercial products are very user-unfriendly. On more than one occasion, Arteriors was hired to rectify a failed suede paint application. In order to keep a consistent finish, with no lap-lines, the painter needs to brush, not roll, the entire finish while maintaining a wet edge. This will ensure that the faux suede wall appears blended, consistent and seamless.

Here’s the perfect solution. Trowel on one coat of a coarse decorative plaster, such as Mamorino by Vasari. Burnish minimally or not at all. The color should be close to the desired finish product color.

After the plaster has completely dried, brush on a coat of super flat Bio Shield paint that has been significantly watered down to the consistency of half n half cream. When brushing, make strokes in consistent short marks that cross over each other in all directions. This soupy paint will quickly absorb into the porous surface of the Venetian Plaster and will stain the finish, creating a rich, color-saturated look.

Bio-Shield is a non-toxic, VOC free line of paint products that uses  clays, natural minerals and plant materials to create the beautiful colors available. Added to traditional marble and lime Venetian Plaster, and you get a healthy, sustainable wall finish that will not only look great but will also add LEED points to your construction project.

Make it easy on yourself or your painter and have Arteriors do the faux suede look the right way!