stretched snake


Blog copy New Hampshire’s White Mountain Theme Park, Clark’s Trading Post, now has an Anaconda Escape complete with a million undulating green scales, yellow belly, and glowing eyes, expertly painted by Arteriors. Thrilling Rides at theme parks can create quite a buzz, but this attraction is so hot it hisses!








Every 3-D prop project requires innovation and our team is always pushing the frontiers of creating imagery that ignites magic. The Serpent Water Slide was a new addition last year, sans snake skin and surface details. With the assistance of a boom lift Arteriors fabricated the serpent scales via power sprayers and heavy duty custom made stencils. Leaving no part of the Anaconda left untouched, the gaping, fanged mouth, sculpted by Pygmalion Elements & Sculpture Artist, Joey Pesce, is rendered with anatomical correctness in the colors of a bruise and is categorically frightening!


Imagination, illusion, and delight are what theme park Designers aim for, and without the spark of surface beauty the attraction falls short. Other 3-Dimensional Props, such as this giant shoe, required the exact color combination and glazes to connote polished Cordovan leather. A Mammoth Nike Shoe installed at an Atlanta Summer Olympics Stadium has every subtle detail of the actual model, all produced by the paint artistry of our team. Be inspired by more of our props and sculpture at;





Arteriors travels and is looking for large serpent water slides in far away countries in need of that special flash of visual realism. We know you are out there so contact us today and bring home the thrill in Theme Park Design! Discover the possibilities at;