Stephanie MesnerThe Artist View by Stephanie Mesner

What is it about tile that is so appealing? The tactile pleasure of its cool surface or the slight variations in color that renders each one unique? Or is it the zen quality of pattern, both with the actual grid of the tile and in the imagery on the tile?

Tile is one of the finish materials that seems to have a magnetic force. Like fabric, I can’t get enough of it. You can find it on just about every surface, indoors or out, in Southern Spain which was where I was for 10 days this May.

Here’s what I discovered on my walks through Ronda, Sevilla and Malaga, Spain. This first picture is of an advertisement in an Art Nouveau style – for Anis del Mono (anisette of the monkey). I found it in the oldest tapas bar in Sevilla, El Rinconcillo.

In my next life I will design and produce gorgeous tile mosaics.  And in the meantime I’ll simply store the images to inspire and inform me on design and color.



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