Shop Talk with Ami Mesner

Current views on what is toxic paint are influenced by the latest buzz words.  Just like what is viewed as healthy food, the knowledge of the times can change.  It used to be that fat and cholesterol were bad, and now we are encouraged to eat eggs!

Toxic oil paintIt’s same thing with paint.  The enemy of the past was lead paint.   Lead was poisoning us, so it was removed. Now the new buzz word is VOC – and toxic paint is defined by its VOC level.   According to the EPA, volatile organic compounds are:

“… emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors.”

In short, VOC means toxic fumes.  However, that’s not the whole story – VOC’s are not the only toxins in paint.  The solids can be toxic too.  For example, you could make zero VOC paint full of lead – obviously very toxic.

Mythic Non Toxic PaintZero VOC paint is now supposed to be ‘The Best’. Now the whole paint field is going low- or no-VOC.  Again compared to food, it’s like eating something with real food ingredients, not eating something that has been processed.  Overall, a good start.

Better than that is non-toxic paint, like Mythic Paint.  Mythic Paint is acrylic paint with zero VOC and without carcinogens as well. It is not toxic on your hands or on your walls.  Maybe equivalent to saying I want to eat real, natural foods, no GMO’s.

But if you really want completely healthy non toxic paint, there are other options beyond acrylic paint.   It means demanding that there are no unnatural chemicals at all in the paint.  Such as Bioshield Clay Paints — acrylic is even too artificial for them.  Bioshield contains no petroleum byproducts or plastics.  It is made with clay and other earthy things.  This would be like “extreme, super healthy food” – organic, macrobiotic.

Bioshield Clay Paints

Bioshield Healthy Living Paints

I’m pragmatic, our experience allows us to make best choices and results will never be compromised. A flat wall can be done beautifully with Bioshield.  But with woodwork and trim – I prefer to work with Mythic Paint.

For painting kitchen cabinets, Arteriors uses Benjamin Moore Advance which is low VOC.  The performance and results of Advance rival the more toxic paint commonly used for this purpose: oil paint.  The wear and leveling properties are more important to our clients – and with this highly advanced paint available, there is no need to resort to using toxic oil paint.

Arteriors has always stayed away from using oil and lacquer because we value our health, the health of our clients, and the environmentContact us today for your healthy paint solution.  Toxic paint is not necessary for beautiful, lasting results!